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April 23, 2016

Site Change

Hi guys, Xyliatales web-wrangler Kez here! I've changed up how this site works in order to ease load on SpiderForest's shared server. Have no fear, your comments and the previous news posts are all safely stored! But for the time being, this site will be up in "lite" mode. You can find the new RSS feed here to keep up with more updates. If you want to contact Barb, you can find her email on the about page. Comments are closed for the duration.

July 29, 2014

News from Barbland

Hi Xyliacs! It has been a very long time, hasn’t it? A year since I posted here, but really it’s seemed like a blink of an eye, so many things have transpired since my last post. I was in a very different place.

Before I say anything else, I really need to take the time to just say ‘thank you’ to every one of you who has read my story, stopped by, written a kind word of encouragement. It never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful group of people you all are who I am honored to have chosen to read my little story. It seems to resonate with the warmest and most empathetic types of individuals and for that I am humbled and honored. As I’ve mentioned before, it is a difficult thing to have something that you love to work on, that others love as well become blocked with creative and personal challenges. I suppose that’s why the continued support after all this time means SO MUCH to me- and it proves what wondrous folks the Xyliacs truly are.

Maybe you all ‘get’ the story of how patient Xylia and Claude have to be to wait for one another as long as they do…

So now, if you will indulge me, I will share some news from Barbland…

If you have been following my Facebook page, you may have see that Talismen Return of the Exile is scheduled to be released by Caliber Comics as a graphic novel. As of this writing it’s still not available, but I will keep you up to date. It is possible that Xyliatales may also be added to this roster. Again, I will keep you all informed!

As for me, it’s interesting to read my last blog a year ago and recall the sense of frustration I was feeling. To read all of the comments so many of you wrote, encouraging me to not give up hope on both the concepts of love and the Xyliatales project. But also to read how many of you were inspired by the story, and also how you are willing to be patient. I am going to try to respond to all of the messages individually, but I am currently writing this post at my second job and I felt at this time it is more important to get something up rather than wait until I would have the time to write all the replies.

Finally. To those of you who assured me that I shouldn’t give up faith about love, I am not too proud to admit that you were right. Love to you all. More soon. Sooner than last time.