Xylia(Currently Book I) is the graphic novel tale of a young British historian who discovers his connection with Azloe, the lost faerie realm, and Xylia, a beautiful faerie woman. This high fantasy story features good and bad faeries, a sentient dog that can grow to the size of a bear, and sorcerors. Xylia is presented in lush full color illustrations, and updates on Mondays. An additional story in illustrated novella format, Nigel's Opus updates on Thursdays. This story tells the tale of Nigel Livingston, a concert pianist in 1915 who meets a winged woman and comes to see that he isn't who he believed he was. Barb Jacobs can be contacted at bji2001(-AT-)mchsi.com. For information on commissions, go here.

Team Xylia

B.L. Jacobs (known as Barb)- Artist, Writer, and crazy creator of the world of Xyliatales: Barb has worked as an artist of some sort for over twenty years. Creating stories with pictures has been her lifelong dream, which was at last partially realized with the semi-popular success of the ill-fated webcomic, Talismen. Despite being called a variety of rude things by people around the world for ending the Talismen series so abruptly, (she had her reasons...) Barb moved on, creating another epic fantasy with Xylia, a faerie tale with faeries good and bad, size shifting Welsh Corgis, sprites, sorcerers, portals, and the most magical of beings, British men. Sigh... Barb is a mom of two, a guitarist, and more than a little crazy. But, like most folks in this world, she's taking each day as it comes and trying to use at least a portion of it to create something beautiful. Barb counts her blessings each day to have had the fortune to gather the following people to be on Team Xylia:
Kez-Webmistress, Gatekeeper: KEZ is the fiery-tempered red-head who takes care of the Xylia website. After 8 years of mulitple styles of martial arts, she's high-tailed it out into the world and is attending the Roswell Park Cancer Institute to earn a Masters of Biology. With that, she hopes to become thoracic surgeon specializing in emergency medicine, or perhaps a reconstructive surgeon. In her free time, she writes epic novels, makes webcomics, and takes her husky-mutt to the park to run crazily around (SHE runs around crazily, not the dog). This year, she'd like to learn to play the cello, publish a book, and hike the Appalachian trail.
Josh-Marketing Director, Calming life force : Canterrain, also known as CT, and occasionally referred to as Josh, is a level twenty five human apprentice cleric. By um... level twenty five.. we mean age twenty five. And by apprentice cleric.. we um.. mean he takes courses for pastoral training. By human we mean.. uh.. human. CT is the marketing director of Xylia, which entails making up business cards with that fancy title, placing ads all over the 'tubes, and monitoring the ads that get placed on the Xylia website. In his spare time, CT is a (bad) piano player, who wishes to take more lessons, writes things that really aren't epic, reads webcomics, and holds three black belts in the imaginary arts. (Die Pirate!) CT is also a loyal Brown Coat with a Ph.D in Horribleness.
Peg : Wordsmith Peg Fisher is the whimsical author of the Xylia Tales Radio Play, as very spoofy spinoff that makes the Xylia cast boldly go where no Chicken Suit has gone before! Aided and abetted by her fellow Xyliacs, it is now currently being recorded. Peg is also wanted in three states of mind for practicing random minstrelsy, and wearing a purple wig on alternate Whirrsdays. She is believed to have written the only quadrilingual song currently extant, that combines English, Spanish, Farsi and Klingon. (No, really - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJKRTU1qsYA) So, will Claude escape the Chicken Suit? Will Peg write a spoof sequel? Are these questions a tip of the hat to the writing group Superguy? Stay pruned, err, spooned? No, tuned, and find out! *grin*
Richard - TechnoMage "I know a bit about Macs."
With that famous bit of understatement, Richard single-handedly (over the course of several days and phone calls) rescued Barb from an almost certain computerized doom when her iMac began acting up. Relying solely upon Barb's non-technical description of what was happening to her computer, Richard calmly walked Barb through the process of repairing her iMac and restoring it to tip-top running order. He's also been known to beat the odd Windows machine into submission, but that's another story. When he's not busy rescuing damsels in distress Barb from her latest computer crisis, Richard is actively involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism, where his area of interest is 14th century Scotland (hence his nickname, SCAScot). For fun and amusement, makes mead and knits chainmail. He also owns and operates his own small business, providing on-demand, contractual office and technical support to his clients.