Charles Kensington Ravensdale- "Charlie"
1st appearance- Prologue
Age: 24

Charlie Ravensdale grew up a financially privileged child. As a newborn, he was found by tourists on Senlac Hill, the site of the famous Battle of Hastings in Southern England, coincidentally on the anniversary of that battle, October 14. A media frenzy ensued, and baby Charlie became a newborn celebrity. He was promptly adopted by blustering Lord Basil Ravensdale (the media wrongly claimed his adoption of an abandoned baby was a publicity stunt in an attempt to gain favour during parliamentary elections.) Despite being a child of financial means, Charlie rarely saw his busy father or mother (Lady Eleanor Ravensdale), was cared for by servants as a young child, and eventually sent to Wellsford Preparatory School.

One day, on the grounds of Wellsford, Charlie comes upon a stray dog who drops a watch under a tree and runs away. Engraved on the back of the watch is simply the word, "Ambrosia". When Charlie returns to the school, the first door he passes has a gold plate on which is engraved, "Dr. Ambrosia, Historian." Thus begins the story...

Charlie was wrongly diagnosed as schizophrenic at the age of 16. He is oddly thalassophobic and pyrophobic, and despite having never had a single lesson, has virtuoso piano playing ability, is an expert swordsman and horseman, has vast knowledge of sailing, and ancient medicines. A graduate of Oxford with a master's degree in history, Charlie has a penchant for fried chicken, and does not like fantasy stories.

1st appearance-Prologue

Once belonging to Dr. Ambrosia, Livy remains in the closet of Charlie's dorm the day he declares Ambrosia a 'figment of his imagination'. At first glance, Livy seems to be a very ordinary Pembroke Welsh Corgi. But as Charlie eventually discovers, Livy is anything but 'ordinary'. A size shifter, Livy can expand or contract her size to that of a bear or a hamster. She is also able to converse telepathically.

Tough and taciturn, Livy is all business, but her gruffness belies the fact that she cares for Charlie with all her heart, and like any good Corgi, will shepherd him from harm at all costs.

Dr. Ambrosia
1st appearance- Prologue
Age: ?

Dr. Ambrosia is a bit of an enigma. Only visible to Charlie, Dr. Ambrosia's paneled office door would appear whenever the watch would stop, and appear in any number of places. Over the years, the wise gentleman would tell Charlie improbable tales of Claudius and Xylia the faerie of Azloe, but on rare occasions would appear as a ghostly apparition outside of the office.

When psychologists convince him that Dr. Ambrosia is merely a hallucination, Charlie proclaims that he will no longer see him, after which Dr. Ambrosia and his office vanish. For a time...

1st appearance-Chapter 1
Age:1079 E-yrs.
Most common aura color- red

Tychia exemplifies all that is a 'fef'- ''fallen exile faerie". Banished from Azloe over 300 E-years ago, she initially lived in Digonia, but found the temptations of Earth too hard to ignore and the rules of Digonia too hard to follow. Once crossing over to Earth, she found a small cadre of other fefs, and formed a band of mercenaries on the search and destroy mission of the 'one'- Claudius of Azloe- a dastardly deed she sees as a ticket back to her homeland.

Brimaz - "Brimey"
1st appearance-Chapter 1
Age: 1089 E-yrs.
Most common aura color-red

Like Tychia, Brimaz is another fef in her band of baddies. Prior to his banishment, Deimos transformed Brimaz into an ape, and to his dismay the form follows him whenever he 'returns'. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Brimaz remains forever loyal to Deimos despite being cast out of Azloe. His intention is to find any way to appease his king, hopefully regaining favor and restoring his original form.

1st appearance- Prologue
Age 962 E years

Claudius is the legendary halfling of Azloe lore and prophecy, and the first Azloean to be banished from their world. Once on earth, he was taken in and raised from infancy by Reginard of Neuillay, eventually becoming a soldier in the Norman army where he met his first demise at the Battle of Hastings. Claudius has returned to Earth nine times, each time regressing to the form of an infant, starting over with a new identity, and having no memory of his prior existance or his ancestory.

1st appearance-Prologue
Age 962 E years
Most common aura color- purple

Xylia was the last baby ever born in Azloe. A vivacious and gifted faerie, she is secretly told a prophecy of a halfling child that was to be her soulmate. Romantic and impressionable, young Xylia never forgets the story or the name, 'Claudius'. Eventually banished to Earth, Xylia spends her life alternating between time spent with Claudius in his various incarnations, and as a lithified statue.

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