Barb's Favorites!
Rated G
Slither and Friends: (Comedy) The adventures of Slither Garter, the little green snake who happens to be the Guardian of his homeland, The Plateau. Goofy occasionally topical humor and a fun cast of characters drawn in a whimsical, colorful style.
Rated PG
Superfogeys: (Comedy)This one takes the concept used in The Incredibles to the next level. The superheroes of the Superfogeys world succumb to old age, and this is the chronicle of a band of them that wind up in a retirement home. Witty, often laugh-out-loud funny, the characters are brilliantly designed both visually and verbally. Very mild sexual situations.
The Dreamer: (Romantic Drama)This gem just started recently, and has quickly become a favorite around the web. Lovely art with astounding historical detail, this story tells the tale of Bea Whaley, and her amazing dream journeys into Revolutionary War Boston. It doesn't make things easier for Bea that she has two hunks vying for her attention on both sides of her consciousness. Enchanting romantic story. Mild violence, language.
Gunnerkrigg Court: (Fantasy Adventure) This quirky tale has been a fave of mine and my kids' for a few years now. The wonderfully unique story of a stoic young Antimony and her adventures (and misadventures) in the weird school, Gunnerkrigg Court. A vast array of charming characters fill the pages of this story which is told in smaller arcs that create a larger legend as our heroine seeks to solve the mysteries of her past. Mild violence.
Phoenix Requiem: (Fantasy Drama)A story filled with intrigue and mystery, PR will keep you coming back regularly. Featuring the beautiful art of Sarah Ellerton (Inverloch) this one updates twice a week like clockwork with two pages each update. One of my personal favorites. Mild violence
Roza and the Horse Prince: (Fantasy Adventure) Wonderfully expressive characters, dazzling colors, and a classic animation feel make Roza a favorite of mine. The story of a cursed gypsy girl whose blood is literally is on fire, and the animal and human friends and foes she encounters. Mild violence.
Earthsong: a wonderful epic fantasy with a large archive and fan base, with lively dialogue, and a colorful cast of diverse characters. Inventive and clever, this is a favorite webcomic of many for good reason. Mild violence.
Rated PG-13
Broken (Things): (Drama)This is the moody, haunting tale of an impoverished high school boy, Steeley Dan and his tragic life. Visually memorable, with beautiful art in shades of gray and black this story features some of the best writing and dialogue in webcomics. Language.
C'est La Vie: (Comedy) I love Mona. Brooding, crabby Mona. And her brother the stud. AND THEY'RE FRENCH! Come on! Terrific characters, funny story arcs. Language, mild sexual situations.
War of Winds: (Fantasy Adventure Drama)Epic story about the legends of the Four Winds. Broad in scope and boasting an amazingly detailed backstory, War of Winds has lots of archive and written tales to keep you happily emmersed for days. The beautiful art is detailed and emotive, and filled with symbolism and great character and costume design. Violence.
Lackadaisy: (Furry, Historical, Funny, Crazy) What can I say about this one that hasn't been said? Tracy Butler is simply one of the finest artists in the webcomic genre, and this story her gift to us. Brilliant character design, funny, snappy dialogue, and tireless attention to historical details make this comic about Prohibition St. Louis cats (in clothes) a delectable visual treat. Violence, language.
Fantasy Realms: (High Fantasy) This is a truly beautiful webcomic. It updates sporatically, but it's okay because the archive is good enough to warrant regular revisiting. A small cadre of characters adventure through a long ago realm. The story begins in the present, the rest of the tale being backstory to a tragic beginning. Some violence.
ADULT SECTION Please do not go to these sites if you are under eighteen. They are for adults only.
Pinky TA: (punkish war fantasy)It's hard to categorize this one. Michael's art is amazingly detailed, and the story is crazy, wild fun. Worth checking out just to see his seascapes- Michael is truly a master of background art. Graphic violence, nudity, language.
Other Sites:
Bradley Shenk: just look at this stuff. I can't really say anything that says 'wow' enough. His Celtic knotwork designs make my ancestors weep. Discuss. Gateway by Paul Norman: Pauly is a dear friend from across the pond from me, and he's been presenting this wonderful literature site for years. If you love pulp fiction, fantasy and classic goodies (not to mention pinups....PAULY!) go here. Tomgeeks: The site for and by girls who are geeks. And yes I am a founding mother. (that sounds naughty) Great up and coming women in webcomics, as well as links to some of the powerhouse fantasy by women online.
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