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June 3, 2009

News from Barbland

Ah… illustration!

Well, kids, it’s time for another hiatus for Nigel. I have had no time to write as of late, and the comic needs to be my priority right now. I don’t like to present Nigel pages unless I’m a good chapter out ahead, so I can’t post anymore at this time. My sincerest apologies! I will try to get some writing time in as soon as I can. I’ve entered the challenging middle of this book, and I don’t like to rush writing.

Please remember that I have started presenting the Xylia sketchbook! this features behind the scenes notes and sketches about the making of Xyliatales from two years ago to the present. Click the link! Donations go towards the total amount and can lead to more Thursday comic updates! ^_^

Thank you for reading! Nigel and Xylia will return, but for now, enjoy them here.

Hugs, ~B

A little more about Nigel’s Opus

A few folks were wondering about the prior chapters of the story and what type of story this is, so I’m going to post it here.

Is Nigel’s Opus a webcomic?
No, Nigel’s Opus is a novella, not a graphic novel. There will be illustrations from time to time, but not on every update.

How often does Nigel update?
This story will update on Thursdays. The Xylia webcomic (Xylia Book I) will update on Mondays. You can access both stories from the main page of Xylia.

Where can I get the first five chapters of this story?
The first five chapters of Nigel are still available by donation only. The donation link is to the right. I did this in fairness to everyone who has donated before. From this point on, this story is presented for free!

I see a typo. It’s driving me nuts.
If you see a typo, feel free to email me or post the problem in the forum. I will try to fix it as soon as I can.

When does this story take place in relation to the webcomic?
Nigel takes place in 1915. Xylia Book I takes place in present day London.

I’m coming in at this point. It would help me to know the characters in this story.

In order of appearance: Victor Murphy– Nigel’s butler and advisor, died of a heart attack at the beginning of the story.
Louise Murphy– Victor’s eight year old daughter.
Nigel Livingston– a wealthy concert pianist. A very neurotic young man with many phobias, but who treats his staff with remarkable kindness, and doesn’t seem to follow the class system.
Basil Puddington– Nigel’s barrister
Xylia– a mysterious winged woman who materialized from a statue, then transformed into a human.
Archibald Pinch– the head gardener
Gladys– a scullery maid whom Nigel quickly appointed as lady servant to Xylia.
Prudence Witte-housekeeper and head of staff since Victor’s death.
That Nigel guy looks a lot like Charlie/Claudius from Xylia.
He does? I hadn’t noticed.

Got more questions? Fire away. I hope this cleared some things up. Thank you for reading! ~B